Monday, February 3, 2014

LSU Veterinary School Open House, Saturday, 2/8/2014

Below are the details copied directly from their website!  It's a fun and educational event and is great for families/children of all ages!

Open House

The LSU School of Veterinary Medicine will host its 32nd Annual Open House on Saturday, February 8 from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. This event is free and open to the public.

This year’s theme is Discover Veterinary Medicine. Veterinarians not only care for our animals; they are also teachers, research scientists and soldiers. Veterinarians develop public policy, inspect and protect our food supply, safeguard us from communicable diseases, provide research and care for animals used in space exploration, and conduct research on injuries, diseases, parasites and microbes that can affect both people and animals. Veterinary medicine touches us every day in many different ways.

Open House is an opportunity for everyone in the family to discover the fantastic world of veterinary medicine and the latest developments in animal health care, welfare and biomedical research. A self-guided tour will take visitors through the Veterinary Medicine Building, where students, faculty and staff will provide information and exhibits on veterinary medicine and biomedical science. In addition, the anatomy laboratory, intensive care units, surgery suites and radiology suites will be featured on the tour, along with other areas of the veterinary hospital.

There will also be a teddy bear repair station, where children can get their stuffed animals “sutured,” a petting zoo, an endoscopy station where children can “fish” for prizes, and animal demonstrations, such as parades of breeds for both dogs and horses. Equine treadmill demonstrations will be held throughout the day behind the Equine Research Building, as will companion animal underwater treadmill demonstrations.

Other groups participating in our Open House include the Louisiana Capital City Obedience Club, the Baton Rouge Kennel Club, BREC’s Baton Rouge Zoo, Magic Happens Rabbit Rescue, Working Animal Guide Society of Louisiana, the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society (CAAWS) and much more!
Date:02/08/2014 (Runs through 02/08/2014)
Time:9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Location:LSU School of Veterinary Medicine
Type:Special Event

Thursday, May 17, 2012


And as animal rescuers, we all get this way often.  There are just so many things that occur that get us so worked up because we are so passionate about what we

the ongoing battle between CAA becoming no kill and still killing so many animals
the politics behind CAA and the city and the image they try to create for themselves
the fact that we can't make this city "no kill" overnight
the advocates against CAA that sometimes seem a lil crazy but also get harassed from just speaking their mind
the lack of fosters and assistance
the lack of trappers and resources
the individuals that still allow strays or pet cats and dogs to continue to reproduce
the people that return or abandon animals......

AND THIS is where I am ticked most you all know I could keep going and going with the list of our am most mad about the fact that a kitten was abandoned and left in a pet carrier at my door step yesterday.....AT MY HOUSE!!!  So, this has to be a friend.....or so called "friend", to know where I live and that I foster!!!  And it has made me furious.  To be so rude and disrespectful to just come dump an animal on my doorstep!!!!

Okay, let's set aside for a minute that this is an animal whom needs a home and the different avenues that this EVIL person could have taken to attempt to find this animal a new home.  Let's set aside the venting I could do about this cat being flea infested and pulled from mom earlier than it should have been as it's still trying to nurse on me.  Let's set aside all the venting that I could do on several points of this occurrence....set this aside...for just a hear me vent about the DISRESPECT to me and my home.....

I have THREE cats of my own, THREE dogs of my own, THREE adult foster cats in my home, ONE feral mom, and THREE of feral mom's kittens I'm fostering.  I AM a single mom.  I have ONE 11 year old boy to care for as well.  I take care of a home and it's yard on my own with NO help!  I have a full time job and have to provide for all of the above!!!  I provide food and water and litter and drive for miles to adoption events and utilize my own cleaning supplies and sometimes provide flea meds all on my own financially to all of my fosters.....BECAUSE I have made that choice!!  This doesn't even cover the time and energy that I have to put in to take care of ALL of the above!

SO, to DISRESPECT my home, my family, my personal funds, my time, and my own energy and well being to NOT give me a CHOICE and just dump an animal on my doorstep has crossed the line!  You know who you are and you should be ashamed!!!!  I AM SOOOO FURIOUS!  You really have no idea! I didn't NEED ONE more cat at my home!  I have more than I can handle on my own without YOU deciding for me that it's just one more.  The level of madness I am feeling at this point is way beyond what I would have expected.  Now I have to put cameras up for my so called "friends" to ensure that I am not taken advantage of by people I know and I have to watch myself with those I know and supposedly care about me....REALLY?!?!!?  REALLY!?!?!  Ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

So to all my fellow animal rescue friends who feel my frustration and have been at my level of craziness and anger before because of our passion for what we do and unfortunately because of the disrespect and inhumanity of others.....THANK YOU FOR WHAT YOU DO AND PUT UP WITH EVERY DAY!!! THANK YOU!!!

UPDATE:  Very soon after this posting and my enormous venting session on FB and here, an old friend contacted me about wanting to take this kittie in to her home with her family.  This story ended well!!!  And thank you to all who made suggestions and just felt my pain!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Fostering!!! How rewarding...

Fostering can be an incredible experience.  Not to be taken lightly as it is a lot of work....but definitely worth it. Without fosters, none of these organizations could make the impact that they do.  Almost every rescue organization relies on fosters for the majority of the temporary homes while waiting for an adoption.

Do you know what fostering entails?  For those that have not fostered and are considering, you should know what all is involved.  Fostering can require feeding, water, litter changes, poop scooping, and most importantly....attention and love.

Some organizations can provide food and litter, etc. and some cannot.  These are expenses you will want to consider.  Also, you may have to drop off and pick up your foster animals from vet appointments.  The vet appointments and medical costs are almost always covered by most organizations.  But you need to possibly be able to get your foster to and from these visits.

One of the advantages to having foster homes is that the foster animal can become more socialized with humans, other animals, new environments, etc.  This is important to making them a good pet for their future adopter.  Easing an animal into new surroundings and new experiences makes them more adoptable as they conquer new things.

And finally, as a foster, you should consider that you will probably have to drop off and pick up your foster animals from adoption events.  The more often you can bring them to an event, the more advertisement they get for finding their new forever home.

It may seem like all of the above is a huge chore.  And most fosters won't lie to is a lot of work, time consuming, and sometimes can take longer than you think to find some animals good homes.  However, most will also tell you how rewarding it is.  I have rescued several animals through local organizations in the last year, and so far 7 have went to new homes.  I enjoyed playing with them all, loving them all, and seeing them all go to great future homes.  I take pride in knowing that those are 7 animals that didn't have hope and could have been put down had it not been for me taking them into my home as a foster.

It is so worth the time, the wait, the joy, etc.!!!!  Give it a chance.  Without fosters, we are all hardly capable of housing all the homeless animals in 1, 2, 3, 4....shelters.  But again, together as a group, recruiting more fosters, we CAN make a difference!!!  Consider fostering for any local organization today!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

LOST - Willow Ridge Subdivision


Last seen in Willow Ridge Subd.
on Saturday, September 3rd

Answers to “TINY”


Friday, July 29, 2011

LOST Red Blood Hound - Watson, LA (Update: Found)

UPDATE!!!! Duke is back at home! A lady had caught him and brought him to the vet. They automatically knew who he was and called the owner! Yay for happy endings!!!!

My friend has lost her male red blood hound, under 1 year old, and goes by Duke.  He may have even been stolen.  He was last seen on Thursday, July 28, 2001, on his runner tie out in the backyard of his home in Watson, LA.  Please share this info with anyone in that area as well as all of your rescue group pals.  Thanks in advance :-)

Monday, May 23, 2011

Owning a Pet...Requires $$$ AND Responsibility

As a pet owner prior to being involved in rescue, I've always been that mommy that takes the animals to the vet and gets the annual shots and gets them fixed,etc.  BUT, I've never been a fan of animal rescue people that are mean or rude when people are taking good care of their pets but have to return them because of life circumstances or provide a good home but may not make it to the vet every year for shots, etc.

Mainly this was because I was put in a very difficult situation as a parent to my two dogs and one cat (at the time) when I went through a divorce.  I went from a home and very large yard to an apartment because when two incomes turn into just sucks.  I had two beagle/husky mixes that were medium in size that definitely would need a yard.  So I contacted my local animal organization and asked for them to be posted on Petfinder for me because it was really important to me that they been given to a home together and not be separated.  They were from the same litter and when trips to the vet would occur separately, the other would become very depressed.  Well it was time to leave the house to the apartment, and I did not have any new owners yet.  So I begged my mother and her husband to let them stay with them out in the country until a new owner was found.  They agreed (thank God). It took an ENTIRE YEAR to even get ONE hit on my advertisements for new owners.  But thankfully, that one hit was a winner and I got both doggies into a new home together.

So I try to sympathize with some that this may not be possible for everyone that is in a similar situation.  Unfortunately life changes do occur that put you in circumstances that you would not have planned for or expected.  Ultimately I just feel that as rescue organizations and volunteers, we are all wanting the same goal. We want these animals to have great homes and great care.

So this is where I tell you how everything has changed for me since I started volunteering in a much larger capacity with animal shelters and rescue groups.  It becomes exhausting that so many animals are given up by their owners and dumped for us to find a new situation.  It becomes exhausting to see your friends whose animals look like they should be in other homes due to their care situation and you want to call the animal police (I wish this really existed) on them.  It becomes exhausting to know that animals are stranded or dumped because they are not good hunting dogs or are pets with bad behaviors like pottying in the house (when this can be fixed), etc.  It hurts me to see others not take their animals to the vet just for their annual shots or to keep up with things like flea and/or heart worm control.

I have learned sooo much while being a volunteer.  You learn the reasons behind people's attitudes and the importance of a responsible pet owner.  You learn about how pets die every day due to the over population and how people irresponsibly let their pets continue to make more babies.  You see them see them in see them suffer.  You see the gross unclean conditions of animal control and the lack of care of the majority of the workers there.  You see the animals dumped outside of shelters with no idea how hard it is to really find room or fosters for all of these animals.  So I can with FULL confidence say that a lot of my previous mentality was due to lack of knowledge....lack of information.  I believe this is the case with many pet owners.  It's like telling an adult who has never been subjected to being the victim of a crime how horrible the crime is.....they will never fully understand and feel it until something occurs to them or someone they are close too.

So with that I close with the following:
1.  To the animal shelters and rescue any business.....your customer service is what represents you.  Do not be cold or rude or have an attitude.  This will effect your adoptions and  who wants to volunteer with your organization.  Regardless of our exhaustion with lack of pet responsibility, this behavior has huge consequences.  Hold your tongue....don't respond to that email today.....ask another volunteer to take it for you....whatever you have to do to not make an ill presentation.
2.  To the pet owners or future pet owners.....would you give away your child?  Regardless of how cute they are and how you know your son or daughter would love one.....can you afford a pet?  Do you realize the cost of vet care and maintenance medications and food?  Do you realize the attention and work that cleaning a litter box requires, feeding every day requires, time that socializing requires?  No matter how bad you want that new pet.....know what you are getting into.  This is the key to successfully ending this war.  Become informed.....and treat your pet like they are your child or your most delicate possession......

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Searching for a CAA Shelter Director - April 2011

The Companion Animal Alliance (CAA) is actively looking/recruiting for their Shelter Director position.  The CAA is the organization that is moving towards the no kill initiative in Baton Rouge and hopes to combine services with Animal Control in order to stop the large number of euthanized healthy cats and dogs at the EBR Animal Control Center.  They will utilize the help of non-profits such as Project Purr BR and Yelp!BR in order to assist in recruiting for foster homes and finding adopters to reduce the number of euthanizations of healthy companion animals in our local area.

If you want to know more about the CAA, you can find out more at their website at

The Shelter Director recruitment is available at the following link  Please pass the word or apply if interested!!!!